Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert - Concert Video 2018

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2:09 Light from the Netherworlds
7:30 Bonds of Sea and Fire
11:40 My Village is Number One
17:19 The Valley Where Wind is Born
19:30 Faraway Promise
22:22 Steel Giant
26:20 Shattering Egg of Dreams
30:38 Grahf, Emperor of Darkness
35:00 Aveh
36:54 Fuse
39:01 Faraway Promise
41:22 The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
45:48 The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light
49:24 Singing of the Gentle Wind
53:58 Lost… Broken Shards
58:00 Ship of Regret and Sleep
1:02:00 Knight of Fire
1:06:23 June Mermaid
1:10:53 Shevat, the Wind is Calling
1:15:29 Flight
1:22:00 Omen
1:26:30 Awakening
1:28:53 One Who Bares Fangs at God
1:32:28 The Beggining and the End
1:36:53 Small Two of Pieces
1:47:09 Stars of Tears
2:08:24 Faraway Promise (Music Box)

Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert

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Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert
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