Shanghai Major Concert (higher Quality Audio) - Concert Video 2017

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Because every broadcaster of the Shanghai Major had its sound handled differently (sound engineers falling asleep over their mixing console, RuHUB talking over the music, etc.) and there is no One Good Version, I decided to splice together all the good audio parts with some editing on top to make it all consistent. Unfortunately, every broadcast had the Dota sound effects playing over the first songs.

00:30Original Gamescom 2011 trailer theme
01:51 – Another trailer theme / Source 1 world map
04:16 – 2nd battle theme
05:48 – 2nd menu theme (previously night-time laning)
07:11 – 1st battle theme
08:20 – Tommy Tallarico appears
09:20 – Electro-rock re-arrangement of 2nd laning theme
10:41 – Countdown (pre-game)
12:17 – 3rd laning theme
14:19 – The Greeviling
15:13 – 2nd game startup theme
18:22 – Dota 2 Reborn theme
22:15 – JJ Lin music pack medley
24:48 – Closing words

Since the audio was taken from several Internet streams, it’s not truly lossless — that said, the original quality was 160kbps AAC 48kHz, which is pretty good (much more than MP3 would be at that bitrate). I call it lossless because, by providing you with a FLAC, you know there wasn’t any additional re-encoding step making the audio even lossier. :)

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Shanghai Major Concert (higher Quality Audio)
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