Rise Up Concert – Bts - Concert Video 2018

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First of all thank you LORD for giving us a wonderful event last night. Second, we wanna thank everyone who’ve been part of our fund raising concert. Thank you to all our sponsors Tita Penelope (NPDC, PRRC, Harbor View), Jollibee, Skydome, Nature’s Spring, T.I.P, Il Padrino, Go Negosyo, Pizza Hut and Shoe Fiend for your generosity. Thank you to all our front acts, Jester, Jen Vinzon, Reg Reyno , Geidie Laroco & Miguel Aguila . Especially to our Special Guests, we really appreciate your support Maymay , Edward Barber , The Company ,
Jake Zyrus and Glee Nette Gaddi . Also to all the DREAMERS who came, “you’re awesome” feeling namin we’re in Big Dome sa sigawan niyo! We’d also like to thank all the DREAMERS WORLDWIDE who supported us and bought tickets even they can’t watch personally we really appreciate your help ❤️❤️❤️ God is blessing us with a real family in you guys. We love u all..😘😘😘 Of course to Director Willie Aquino (ICON International Events Productions) and to staff/crew for making our show possible. To Papa, Bonchong & all our relatives Gollayan Family. Lastly, thank you very much to our Mom for making our beautiful costumes and to Ate Ivy who (both of them) literally managed everything. We hope that you all enjoyed the show. See you again next time. We love you!

**** Because a lot of people from different parts of the world requested for this, REQUEST GRANTED! Official DVD from Rise Up Concert will be released soon. Pre-order now and first 100 will get FREE signed T-SHIRT and POSTER. ****

🖥 Editor: Celina Cercado – https://www.instagram.com/celinacercado/


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Love you guys!!

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Rise Up Concert – Bts
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