Michael Jackson History Tour Live Munich (germany) Full Concert - Concert Video 2017

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Second leg (1997)
July 4 and 6, 1997 Olympic Stadium – Munich, Germany
Jackson planned upon filming this concert for a DVD release by Christmas time, so more camera angles (including individual crowd shots) were used, and the audio was later remastered heavily to emphasize the percussion and audience sounds. This concert was also an early experiment by Jackson with High Definition cameras. The release was ultimately cancelled due to Jackson’s dissatisfaction of the behind-the-scenes filming. However, the performance was televised extensively in many different countries, making it one of the most readily available concerts. The most common version is the one aired by Sat.1 and most other channels, but other versions, such as the one that aired in South Africa (with a small segment from a concert at Johannesburg), and a Japanese version with alternate camera angles also exist. Most versions have also been edited with a segment from the concert on August 3, 1997 at Leipzig before the Jackson 5 Medley where Jackson talks about an insect on the stage which he calls the security to remove. An unedited version of the Concert from July 4 has the original camera angles seen on the jumbotrons and original sound. Two amateur videos from July 6 (one of which contained footage of both concerts) also exist. Following Jackson’s death, this concert was re-televised by RTL 5, who had previously televised it on their Veronica channel.
This was also televised in Singapore’s MediaCorp Channel 5 in 2009. It was also recently televised in Germany on ZDF on June 24 with alternate camera angles and being upscaled to 720p HD, and in Australia on the music channel MAX, on the 25th of June 2010 and 2011. In Malaysia, 8TV had broadcast the concert on August 2009 in conjunction with the King of Pop’s birthday, and it was shown again on 26 June 2010 in conjunction with Michael Jackson’s 1st death anniversary.

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Michael Jackson History Tour Live Munich (germany) Full Concert
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    M.duda14 14062005 says:

    seria massa os shows dele
    nós dias de hoje
    king of pop mj

    Raphael Zamora says:

    que bonito

    Kieu Cong says:

    rip michael

    Katia Agustina says:

    El mejor concierto

    신종섭 says:

    팝의황제. 마이클잭슨. 영원히 기억될겁니다.

    beatrice closson says:

    I miss him SOOOO much !

    Erexiify Gaming says:

    I love Michael Jackson King Of PoP

    ga hdz says:

    michael jaacson my gala kiss me

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    Merci Michael !!!

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    Yontie Pinder says:

    he is not dead hes in canada

    Mactheknife1978 says:

    First song and he's miming….!!!???

    What happened!!!?

    Iris J. says:

    He was sick as a dog at this during this concert and he still came out and performed for his fans Because he cared about them so much.. That's What I call a true Artist!

    Peter Quint says:

    Please ignore the troll with many accounts calling Michael a pedophile in the comments ('July Yes' username will be changed before it surfaces again.)

    This troll drives a Chester the Molester van with a false floor. He thinks Interpol/NSA is buying into his comments here and have been diverted. They have not.

    Luis Flávio Portilho says:

    My World ❤️

    Victor Arriagada says:

    My Favourite MJ song is "You are not alone" and "Dangerous" ☺

    Arthu Bruno says:

    boa musica eu adoro

    Moonwalker4life says:

    He was such a beautiful person. We miss you so much Michael, you and your bright spirit. R.I.P. <3 <3

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