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Hello! 💕
I hope you enjoy this vlog – the goal was to make all the Orbits, who couldn’t go to the concert, feel like they were there and what it was like. I was too shy to actually turn the camera around and vlog myself, but also because I had a big crack in my screen that made the front camera look a little funny.
My friend who went with me to Korea and the concert was supposed to help me film, but she had some major taxi problems and didn’t arrive until a few minutes before the concert started, sadly. Luckily she didn’t miss the concert and she filmed a little after!
It truly was an epic concert and experience – it was so intimate and we felt really connected to the girls. They spoke a lot and cried a lot, and I think all of us there did too. I’m so happy that I went, one of the best experiences of my life for sure!
Love you all! 💕

On my Patreon I’m going to post videos of me reacting to the concert performances and talk more about what it was like during the actual concert. It costs $1 a month and really helps support me and my channel. Here’s the link for those interested;▶️Coming soon!

After the concert I bought lots of food and went back to my hotel room and made a little mess of a mukbang – also available on my Patreon;▶️http://bit.ly/loonabirthmukbang

Here’s a link to Gabriel’s channel and the playlist with his vlogs from Korea & LOONAbirth. Please subscribe to his channel and show him some Orbit love!▶️https://youtu.be/tyFrr7dGgQI

LOONAbirth Haul▶️https://youtu.be/p0xgXgO9OjE
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[looπδbirth] Vlog – Loona Debut Concert | ψ
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