Live Online Concert — You’re Invited! - Concert Video 2018

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Get your ticket!
Tune in for as little as $1 :)
January 27th @ 1PM PT


1. Go to

2. Click the orange “Become A Patron” button.

3. Entry to the show is pay-what-you-want! Pick any level, pledge any amount, and you’re good to go. (If you plan on sticking around as part of KG Records after the concert, make sure you pick a tier that makes sense for you.)

4. A day before the show you’ll be sent a private link to the show and your ticket purchase will be processed. Tune into the link when it’s showtime and you’re golden. :)

5. Patreon is designed for recurring support, so after the show you can either cancel your pledge or continue on as a part of the KG Records family (for access to future concerts, hangouts, song downloads, and other fun things). If you’ll just be with us for the concert, be sure to set an alert in your calendar to cancel your patronage at the end of the month so you don’t forget!

**Note to existing Patrons and members of KG Records–You already have access to the show! No action required to reserve your ticket :)

See you sooooon!

Background Music:
Jome – Crystalline

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Live Online Concert — You’re Invited!
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