Beatles/stones/kinks/animals & More! — Live Full Concert 1965 - Concert Video 2017

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The voice of Love [New book!]: Surrendering to Abundance:

Set list:
0:00:38 — Hey Bo Diddley — Moody Blues
0:00:56 — Go Now — Moody Blues
0:09:30 — Pretty One — Freddie & the Dreamers
0:11:45 — A Little You — Freddie and the Dreamers
0:13:59 — Walking the Dog — Georgie Fame
0:16:32 — I’ll Never Find Another You — The Seekers
0:18:36 — A World of Our Own — The Seekers
0:21:16 — Wonderful World — Herman’s Hermits
0:23:03 — Mrs. Brown — Herman’s Hermits
0:25:51 — Funny How Love Can Be — The Ivy League
0:27:51 — Time for You — Sounds Incorporated
0:29:58 — The Game of Love — Wayne Fontana
0:32:24 — Just a Little Bit Too Late — Wayne Fontana
0:34:51 — Everybody Needs Somebody — Stones
0:25:29 — Pain in My Heart — Rolling Stones
0:37:32 — Around and Around — Rolling Stones
0:39:56 — The Last Time — Rolling Stones
0:42:58 — Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah — Cilla Black
0:45:12 — You’re Gonna Need Somebody — Donovan
0:49:23 — Catch the Wind — Donovan
0:51:49 — Here Comes the Night — Them
0:54:34 — Turn on Your Love Light — Them
1:00:48 — Let the Good Times Roll — Searchers
1:02:38 — Mockingbird — Dusty Springfield
1:05:04 — Boom Boom — Animals
1:09:09 — Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood — Animals
1:11:34 — Talkin’ ‘Bout You” / ”Shout — Animals
1:16:22 — I Feel Fine — Beatles
1:19:24 — She’s a Woman — Beatles
1:22:14 — Baby’s in Black — Beatles
1:24:32 — Ticket to Ride — Beatles
1:27:46 — Long Tall Sally — Beatles
1:29:49 — You Really Got Me — Kinks
1:32:02 — Tired of Waiting for You — Kinks

For those who care, the goal of this version of the video was to take the original 2-hour concert footage (linked below) and make it a more enjoyable 90mins. So these changes were made:

— The excessive talking and song breaks were removed (except band names announced)
Multi-band compression (analog) evened out volumes, esp. recovering lost bass
— Video black levels restored
— Video is slightly zoomed in to remove some of the square aspect ratio
— Since the vocals were still too far forward, even after compression, a slight plate stereo reverb was added (only in the vocal range frequencies) to pull the singing back into the music, helping to both congeal the mix and also widen the feel. The effect excites the vibe a bit and gives more of the fun radio sound.

For more by Dave Nevins visit:



1. The artists were chosen by user poll:

2. The Beatles won the poll, but Kinks played last because they were late, so I’ve been told. Ironically, they played “Tired of Waiting For You.” Perhaps the Animals long set was covering for them? I didn’t mess with the song order and no songs were removed, though I was tempted to pull out a few. Rather than mess with it, I decided to let the viewers decide and enjoy the history for themselves.

3. I’m surprised to hear how many people love the Seekers. I’ve always enjoyed their hits, but did not realize their big influence; so perhaps they hold up also more to modern tastes.

4. Sometimes the video can be appear “warpy” because the source footage probably (at some point) had the YouTube stabilization applied. Sorry that can’t be fixed. It’s more noticeable shots where the camera was already zoomed/bumpy,j such as close-ups. At best, it adds to the shaky atmosphere!

5. Jimmy Savile :
a.) very sorry if this dampened anyone’s enjoyment. Cutting to the MCs was necessary for groups transitions.
b) not being British, I didn’t recognize him. But he was a part of it.
c.) as serious and egregiousness as his offenses were, there’s no reason to ripple negativity with nasty responses. Christ says forgive if you want God to forgive you — for whatever. Personally, I’m holding onto that mercy.
d) So please keep language about him — or anything else — respectable for all, else it will be deleted. And too many comments about this topic will vanish. It’s not what this video is about.

Part of the reason concerts like these are outstanding is the good spirit.

6. Last, many thanks to you for the generous encouragement, fun comments and good cheer — both for the artists and for my little role in bringing this out. It’s real nice. This music is a fantastic, special, and timeless gift!

There’s something surreal about this season. It was the crossing of many cultural vectors. When I first saw this video I could only think that this must be touched up and posted. What a fun treat.

Blessings to all!

Video source courtesy of Brian Gibson:

NME Pollwinners 1965 ★ Concert :


Audio processing:

Incoming search terms:

1965 concert beetles stones kinkd
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Beatles/stones/kinks/animals & More! — Live Full Concert 1965
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