Aerosmith – Full Concert – 08/13/94 – Woodstock 94 (official) - Concert Video 2017

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Aerosmith – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 8/13/1994 – Woodstock 94 (Saugerties, NY)

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0:00:00 – Eat The Rich
0:04:54 – Toys In The Attic
0:09:11 – Fever
0:13:49 – Draw the Line / F.I.N.E.
0:23:42 – Rag Doll
0:28:02 – cryin’
0:33:54 – Crazy
0:39:24 – Monkey on My Back
0:44:28 – Mama Kin
0:48:41 – Boogie Man / Shut Up and Dance
0:56:19Stop Messin’ Around
1:01:03 – Walk On Down
1:04:48 – Janie’s Got a Gun
1:10:41 – Love in an Elevator
1:17:00 – Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
1:21:32 – Sweet Emotion
1:31:24 – Encore Applause
1:34:15 – Come Together
1:38:48 – Dream On
1:43:58 – Livin’ on the Edge
1:51:10 – Mother Popcorn / Walk This Way
1:57:29Band Introduction
1:58:30 – Fireworks

Steven Tyler- vocals, keyboards, harmonica
Joe Perry – guitar, vocals
Brad Whitford – guitar
Tom Hamiltonbass
Joey Kramer -drums
Tom Gilmore – keyboards, sax, backup vocals

Excellent quality with flawless audio – much better than the broadcast. It also has no Woodstock bugs, overlays or voice-over announcements which makes it significantly superior to every existing bootleg DVD or CD.

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Aerosmith – Full Concert – 08/13/94 – Woodstock 94 (official)
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  • Comments

    Carolyn Jordan says:

    Where is the rest of the bsnd know, I,know Jo Perry & StevenTyler, are teaming up to due a Spoung musical 2016 ,where is the rest?.

    Carolyn Jordan says:

    Sorry but not eve close slash does not come close to looking like Joe Perry.

    Carolyn Jordan says:

    Joe Perry sure had a big Statement to say.

    Carolyn Jordan says:

    I, herd StevenTyler was one of the nicest people you can meet. I', wish I could Meet him before I,die I am not sick ,but Aerosmith, is my favorite.

    ~Steven Tyler is sick to death of your shit says:

    16:12 dat ass

    Carolyn Jordan says:

    I,be been a fan of Aerosmith cent's the first album came out 1973 Loved it just wish the band had not lost there way. Happy Holliday's to you all.

    Lynn Gilby says:

    I have rocked out to Areosmith for over 40 years. The hottest rock band of all time!!

    Jennifer Figueroa San-yeng says:


    Carolyn Jordan says:

    These guy's are fantastic still have it.

    kickenwing30 says:

    Good thing they weren't scheduled to the play the night after.

    shelley pts says:

    These guys were like my 2nd or 3rd concert ever at the hollywood sportatorium… they walked off stage bcuz someone threw a bottle onstage…. at the same time my bff cindy was havin a bad trip on mescaline..year was about 1978…. used ti have posters of them on my walls… had a crush on st since i can remeber!!!! lovin this now an so glad to see them all today…seperate an together! thank you!!!

    Martti Suomivuori says:

    pardon me, is that mr. Perry on the pedal steel?

    Salih Polat says:

    22:2922:42 goosebumps

    T.A. T. says:

    Aerosmith fucking rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they kick ass on all the other bands there for damn sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They are really good in concert. Great Shows……..

    TheDukedawg1 says:

    What a awesome fucking performance! Man I would have loved to been there!

    Rob De Mort says:

    AMAZING. I have no words to describe this.

    FNHOSTILE69 says:

    Joe Perry!!!!!!!!!! = boner! Lol. ~

    Manuel Bazzocchi says:

    That's rock!

    llcoolpwilly says:

    21 people need to have a word with themselves and get educated on what real music is!

    TheDukedawg1 says:

    Just noticed not one song off of their Rocks album! They usually always play Back in the Saddle!

    TheDukedawg1 says:

    Wow superior quality here! These Boy's were on top of their game at this show!

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