A Nostalgic Mysore Dasara Concert Of 1980 – M Balamuralikrishna - Concert Video 2018

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One of the most inspiring aspects of listening to the music of Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna (BMK) is to experience the enhancement of aural capabilities by listening to it with a fresh point of view. It aids in fully exploiting our listening skills with a new perspective even for a song that’s often rendered.

This extraordinary accomplishment of the listener, that is, to see every rendition that’s heard with a fresher point of view which not only improves the chance of finding something new but also enables to perceive a touch of creativity for instance, is remarkable. Thus helping the listener in discovering his own untapped capabilities of comprehension of a higher order.

Here is an offering for the Dasara festival that is outstanding in several ways. The concert which was held exactly 38 years ago (12th October 1980) is presented here. This has been restored from the tapes (good quality) that we found recently.

BMK is supported on the violin by Sri. H K Narasimha Murthy, and on the mridangam by Sri Tanjore Upendran. Sri. Bangalore K Venkataram supports on Ghatam and Sri. Sosale Sheshagiridas accompanies on Khanjira, in a concert that was part of the Dasara music festival held at the Durbar hall of Mysore palace.

The concert can be undoubtedly placed as one of the best live concerts of the year 1980 and I still vividly remember to have stood for three full hours in the palace courtyard along with my brother. We enjoyed watching the concert on a CCTV on that cool October evening.

Never have I seen so many music enthusiasts gathered in such large numbers to watch a concert on small TV screens, that too standing! A coir net (as a curtain) covering the huge balcony of the Durbar hall, with BMK and his team sitting on a faraway dais barely visible, just didn’t bother us because we could savour the nectar served that evening.

This concert is yet another example for BMK’s contextual thinking of creativity in packaging the contents. Being a Dasara concert, the first two songs are invocations of Lord Ganesha and Sarasvati which is followed by an exclusive and a detailed presentation of a composition dedicated to Sri Ranganatha swamy (Sri Rangapantna near Mysore). Then, the elaborate and a creative RTP as a tribute to Mysore Vasudevachar (creator of rāga sunādavinódini) and as an obeisance to goddess Chamundeshwari, the presiding deity of Mysore, followed.

On a lighter note, please observe the variation he brings to the film song – Orunāl póduma, as the same was being rendered from the “Durbār hall.”

With an excellent calibre of accompanying artistes and with a stunning sound quality of “mridangam, khanjira and ghatam,” and the aesthetics of presentation in playing and blending them to provide a wholesome listening experience, this continues to remain a nostalgic Dasara concert of BMK that is unforgettable. We hope you would enjoy listening to it during this festive season.

The details of the concert and the links to each track.

01 – Shri Ganapatini – SaurāShtra – Tyāgarāja

02 – Shri_sarasvati-namóstuté – Muthuswami Dikshitar

03 – Rādā nāmeeda_Hameer kalyāni_- Kuppuswamy Iyer

04 – Nee sāti neevé rangā -Chandrika – BMK

05 – Nagumómu ganaléni -AbhEri – Tyāgarāja

06 – RTP in Sunādavinódini and Bhairavi

07 – Anugālavu chinté – Abhógi – Purandara Dāsa

08 – Orunāl-pódumā – A film song

09 – Tillāna – Kadanakutūhala – BMK

10 – Mangalam -Kurinji – Bhadrachala Ramadas

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A Nostalgic Mysore Dasara Concert Of 1980 – M Balamuralikrishna
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