[2018 Asia Dream Concert] Momoland(모모랜드) _ Bamm - Concert Video 2018

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Arirang TV’s Pops In Seoul’s special – The ASIA DREAM CONCERT – is ready to wow everyone with the jaw-dropping performances of many popular K-Pop stars!
Enjoy the upbeat and cute performance of Flashe, the adorable traits of the 8-member group Nature, as well as the powerful dance moves of A.C.E.
Fall in love with The Boyz, and check out the sexy qualities of LABOUM.
Don’t miss out on the performances of the popular idol group MOMOLAND and
get ready to fall head over heels in love with the powerful vocals of the acclaimed vocalist Kim Tae-woo!
Last but definitely not the least,
check out the perfect rapport of the two hosts – Samuel and Kriesha Chu!

가을밤을 수놓는 불꽃놀이처럼 화려한 KPOP가수들이 총출동한
아리랑TV 팝스인서울 특집 [아시아드림콘서트]

블링블링 상큼한 걸그룹 플래쉬 / 8인8색 카멜레온 걸그룹 네이처 / 무한 성장돌 A.C.E
/ 사랑스러운 꽃미남 온앤오프 / 성숙미로 무장한 감성여신 박지민 / 감미로운 고막남친 김용국
/ 차세대 남친돌 더보이즈 / 몽환적 섹시미의 여신돌 라붐 /글로벌 대세 걸그룹 모모랜드
/ 대한민국 대표 음색깡패 보컬리스트 김태우
그리고 완벽호흡을 자랑하는 두 MC
만찢남 사무엘&러블리 츄츄츄! 크리샤츄까지

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[2018 Asia Dream Concert] Momoland(모모랜드) _ Bamm
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